SUNDAY, September 17, 2917 at 2:00 pm

"Klassic Keystone Komedians Kollide with Kops and Kriminals"

The Laurel and Hardy Show
"Mr. Slater's Poultry Market"

Originally broadcast: 1944

Flywheel, Shyster, Flywheel (the Marx Brothers)
"The Kidnapping"

Originally broadcast: February 13, 1933

In the early days before radio, there was Vaudeville-the most popular form of entertainment where entertainers honed their craft and delighted audiences as they toured the country. Singers, acrobats, jugglers, magicians, dancers and even comedians stood at the footlights and gave their best performance show after show after show.
And then came radio.
The whole style and format was different. Where a comedian could take months to perfect a routine, they now had to crank out quality jokes and comedy week after week. Some vaudevillians were able to make the transition from stage to the airwaves-legendary radio personas like Jack Benny, Abbott and Costello, Burns and Allen and others. However, there were some incredible entertainers that tried their hand at radio but just didn't seem to make the shift.
Such as Laurel and Hardy and The Marx Brothers.
In our first show takes us to a law firm in New York, Flywheel, Shyster and Flyweel. As the door opens, we see Groucho portraying Waldorf T. Flywheel and Chico appears as his half-witted assistant Emmanuel Ravelli and many of their crazy adventures were simply reworked storylines from their movies. In our story, Ravelli has been kidnapped and held for ransom. It's up to Flywheel to find out where he is and rescue him. At least that's what shouldhappen. But of course we know that if the Marx Brothers are involved, it won't be nearly as simple, but at least it will be funny.
Speaking of crime, it's a crime that Laurel and Hardy never successfully conquered the radio. Their stage, film shorts and even full length movies are classic treasures, and even the single episode of their short-lived radio series, "The Laurel and Hardy" show was rich. The formula is pretty much the same as all their films-two bumbling idiots doing some simple task that ends up going the wrong way. You'd think it would be simple enough to work for Mr. Slater's Poultry Market and just go around collecting chickens from suppliers and money from customers. But only Laurel and Hardy can take a wrong turn and run smack into a hideout of gangsters who mistake the two for a couple of skilled hired guns. And it's even worse when the police come.
So come and join us, Sunday, September 17 at 2:00 as Klassic Komedians Kollide with Kops and Kriminals

Those Thrilling Days of Yesteryear Presents…

Keystone Komedians

All performances at:

The Oak Park Arms
408 South Oak Park Avenue
Oak Park, IL

Those Thrilling Days of Yesteryear is a radio troupe comprised of professional actors and voice-over artists and has been providing top-notch entertainment to Oak Park Arms residents and the near by community for 14 years.


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  • January 7, 2018 - TBD
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