SUNDAY, April 29, 2018 at 2:00 pm

WARTIME WOMEN: "Celebrating the WACs and WAVs of Old Time Radio"

"Command Performance"

"Something for the Girls"

"Proudly We Hail"

Various episodes and excerpts that aird from 1942 to 1949

When America got involved in WWII, radio became a powerful force in supporting our men who were serving, "over there." Comedies focused on everyday people "doing their bit" for the case-from saving fats and oils to scrap drives. Programs like "Proudly We Hail" dramatized stories of soldiers and officers in the line of duty, celebrities of all types joined together on shows like "Command Performance" to entertain our soldiers with songs and memories of home and many propaganda shows appeared, sponsored by the Armed Forces, to reach out to the public and draw young men to sign up and join one of the armed forces and fight for the country.
But it wasn't just the men who won the war. Women of all types and ages proudly did their part. And not just handling the families and jobs on the homefront while the men were fighting, but also joining and serving alongside in the WACs and WAVs who handled much of the machinery and behind the scenes details (doing as well as any man, and sometimes even better, as was mentioned many times) not to mention the amazing nurses who tended the wounded.
Yes, while it was perhaps the men who fought, it was women who made it possible.
And the world of radio did not let that go unnoticed.
First, we'll hear a special episode of "Proudly We Hail" that honors the 7th Anniversary of the Women's Army Corp"-a story of a young woman and her journey into the service.
Then we hear from celebrity Lionel Barrymore who sends out a special message to the young women across the country to join up.
And then a special episode of "Something for the Girls"-specifically designed to entertain and champion the WAVs.
Last we'll enjoy a special "Command Performance" starring Dennis Day and Betty Hutton as they lead a cast of celebrities as they dedicate their show to the Army Nurse Corp.
So as we celebrate our 100th episode of TTDY, we also dedicate this show to the brave and powerful women who served our country.
Thank you for your service.

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  • April 29, 2018 - Command Performance "Women in Wartime: Those Wonderful WAVS AND WAVS"
  • July 22, 2018 - TBD
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